Contaminants in the Air

Contaminants in the airContaminants in the air are measured in terms of microns. Compared to simple and basic air purifiers, HEPA purifiers are known to eliminate contaminants in the air with a success rate of 99.9 percent. They in fact have the ability to remove contaminants larger than 0.3 microns as well. These contaminants include but not limited to pet dander, asbestos, pollen, dust particles and smoke. People who are prone to airborne illnesses can get huge benefits from buying these expensive air purifiers for their homes. You can also buy the best air purifier for dust removal at an affordable price to get rid of the airborne allergy.

HEPA purifiers are normally installed along the ventilation system and require a considerable amount of horsepower in order to function well. This means extra monthly bills and maintenance charges but if your are one of those who can’t live without pure air, here is a chance to live a stress-free and healthy life. But if you want an air purifier that will do the basic things of cleaning the air and are not worried about the details, go for an less expensive ones. These air purifiers can simply be plugged into an outlet and carry low overhead charges. In addition, they are perfect for removing particles like plant spores and pollen from the air entering the house.

As you can see, air purifiers have a lot of benefits. Now let us move on to the drawbacks. One significant danger of air purifiers is that they create ozone through chemical reactions. Most air purifiers that are referred as ‘ionic’ are known to undergo this reaction. However, this is a not a major concern if you rarely use air purifiers. For heavy users note that this ozone doesn’t have the same incredible benefits of having an ozone layer up in the atmosphere. Humans when exposed to ozone very closely can show many side effects including asthma and skin allergies which seems ironic in this case. Hence anyone buying a purifier should make sure that it is not ionic or has special ability to protect themselves from harmful side effects of ozone. Also, note that air purifiers should be installed in a safe place, not anywhere near children and senior adults.