What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit Television or also CCTV, also known as video surveillance, is the use of cameras that record video to transfer a wave to a particular place, on a set of monitors. CCTV may work or only as told to look out on a particular event. It is usually used for safety reasons in public places, as well as monitoring where more people are gathered such as airports, banks, shopping malls, casinos, and probably someone’s houses too. A CCTV camera system consisting of a camera, lens, monitor(s) and recorder. The camera(s) take the images, which are then moved to a recording device and then a monitor. CCTV works with VMS to record, store and analyze the feeds from the cameras. This CCTV camera was first used in Germany. The German scientists made this technology to check the launch of V2 rockets. It wasn’t until they showed a commercial of these in 1949. They wanted magnetic tapes and should be changed manually. It was time-consuming, expensive and an unreliable process. That’s why these were not that popular during those times. But in 1970, VCR technology was available so you can record and erase information and the use of the surveillance became more popular. These days, technology has been the best. CCTV have many advancements these days for better security. First, it was used for law enforcement. Police used to wear it on their head or chest. New advancements kept coming. Some advancements are –

They can recognize faces.

Night Vision.

You can connect to smartphone apps.

360-degree fields of view.

Solar power technology.

Voice integration.

Wireless cameras.

There are many benefits to the cameras. Some of them are –

Discouragement and Crime Prevention. Criminals are prevented from breaking into your home and stealing from you or committing other crimes such as vandalism and anti-social behavior.


Remote Monitoring.

Intruder Alarms.

Improved home insurance rates.

Low Price High Quality.

CCTV, one of the greatest inventions of all time. All of the big places need one to keep their place safe. And we need one too for our safety causes.